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NR 300C (300 capsules), Nicotinamide Riboside (100% RiboGEN) 300mg Vegetarian Capsules for Private Label Supplements


The only pharmaceutical grade supplement supplying the same purity used for medical research, anti-aging clinical studies, and healthcare professionals.

UltraHealth's NR 30 CAPS (RiboGENTM).  Our proprietary synthesis includes two crystallization stages for the highest bioavailability.  The only NAD+ supplement that is 100% Nicotinamide Riboside, no excipients or additives.

What is NAD? Found in all living cells, NAD is the co-factor central to metabolism and cellular energy production. NAD declines with age and is a key molecule involved in governing the aging process in many organisms.

Each capsule contains 300mg of RiboGENTM (Nicotinamide Riboside 99.5% & NAM 0.5%).

Size #0 Vegetarian White capsules.  Delivered direct from our FDA certified GMP manufacturing facility in a sealed Mylar pouch.

300 capsules per pouch will fill ten (10) 100cc Packer Bottles for a 30-day supply for each bottle.  Larger quantities are available.


NOTE: International Customers - CLICK HERE - For 21% Off USA Price. This will help offset the high foreign sales tax (GST/VAT).

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