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You can now add one of the best health ingredients to your pet supplement products.

NAD+ / One of the most important molecules on the planet.  Improves the way tissues and cells age, including: the heart, skeletal muscle, the brain & stem cells.

Now the same Ultra-Pure Pharmaceutical Grade NR you take for your health can be given to your pets to help with their aging process.  NAD+ is needed for all animals to support cellular health, increased immunity, and energy.

NAD+rejuvenates these 5 aging issues and much more

1. Anti-aging; Sirtuins regulate cellular aging and can only function in the presence of NAD+
2. Brain Health; Improves blood supply to tissues and reverses ischemia
3. DNA Repair; NAD+ levels are critical in preserving genomic integrity of the cells
4. Weight Loss; NAD+ is a regulator of adipose tissue function and multi-organ insulin sensitivity
5. Energy; NAD+ is a biological rocket fuel that gives every cell its energy


NOTE: International Customers - Ordering quantities of 3 or more drastically reduces the shipping cost per item.

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