NADcatalyst™ (RiboGEN™ Plus), Nad Supplement and booster


NADcatalyst™ contains RiboGEN™ Plus UltraHealth's proprietary 99.5% nicotinamide riboside (NR) and SBI-797812 which increases the body's ability to get more NAD+ from daily foods and additionally boosts NAD+ production from pharmaceutical grade NR).

As we grow older our ability to make NAD+ decreases. This is due to the creation of inhibitors which keep our body from naturally creating NAD+ through the foods we eat.

What is NAD? Found in all living cells, NAD is the co-factor central to metabolism and cellular energy production. NAD declines with age and is a key molecule involved in governing the aging process in many organisms.

UltraHealth's SBI-797812 blocks NAMPT inhibitors and allows for much more NAD+ to be created.

SBI-797812 turns NAMPT into a "super catalyst" that more efficiently generates NMN which is the main cellular NAD creator. RiboGEN™ also boosts NMN in the body's cells.

NADcatalyst™ provides two methods of increasing NAD and is the only supplement to allow for natural food to produce NAD again reversing the aging effects brought on by the body's own degradation of NAD production over time.

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